July 21, 2024

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Should we buy those Best fake AirPods?

Apple launches another cool gadget called AirPods, and we are finding fake or cheap substitutes for those. We can see these fake AirPods nearly on every e-commerce website. But the thing is there are many choices in that as well. We are not talking about every AirPod we are going to talk about that airpod which claim themselves as best fake airpod and why do we need that because everyone cannot spend 150$ or the premium one 250$ on an earpiece so we would talk about that and whether they are worthy of that hype.

So that you know that we are talking about the wireless AirPods, which are launched in 2019, not in December 2016, still, there is not any difference between the functionality of the two. It’s just another version that apple launched and which covers 75% of the share.

AirPods are the revolutionary gadget that helps us listen but with the ease and no wire but demands a high cost. The fake ones cost 10$, or a maximum of 25$, which makes us drop the hammer and buy a 25$ Airpods or less, so here is what you should know before buying it.

You cannot expect the same performance as the Apple Airpods or any genuine Airpods because they are the original ones, and the one we are going to use is made by the companies that we have not listened to their name even.

So the difference between a Best Fake Airpod and Real one is:-

  • Size: – They are much bigger than the size of the original ones, which makes them heavier and not comfortable to wear. Apple ones are 38g, so they are comfortable to wear and easy to handle
  • Pairing: – The most painful thing that everyone feels is that pairing. Pairing with the phone is nothing but trouble as it does not get connected with the Bluetooth, and connecting both the pods first is also a headache.
  • Lights: – In most of the fake ones, you would see that there are some annoying lights most of the time. These are of the color blue and red, which can not be seen in bright daylight, but a person can know that something is going over there.
  • Physical Buttons: – If you go over these best fake AirPods, most of them have physical buttons that destroy the beautiful design and the greatness of the AirPods. They do not look as appealing as the original ones.
  • Touch: – Well, there are some of the AirPods that have touch sensor on these pods. But most of the time, it does not work, and after some time, it would not respond as the sensor is of low quality.
  • Battery Life: – There is little battery life in comparison to the original ones. Most of them go for only 1.5 hours and require charge after a short period of time.
  • Sound quality: – Here comes the million-dollar question that if it provides the same sound quality as original ones and you can guess it the answer is no they do not offer the same quality, but some are in the market which gives great sound quality

So we should buy it or not, the thing is that if we do not want to waste our money on some gadget, we should buy the best fake airpods, yes they are not the same, but they do give some high competition. And let’s not forget these are pocket-friendly