May 19, 2024

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Steps to import whatsapp messages from goggle drive to iPhone

Whatsapp is the most popular and efficient way of communication. It not only sends messages but also lets you share attachments, videos, images etc. It works well for both android and iPhone users. The whatsappgb 2021 hasspecial features and high security for your data.

When you use iPhoneyou must know that it is important to make backup on icloud. If you want to know Comoimportar conversas do WhatsApp do Google Drive Para o iPhone, then here are the steps that you can follow.

Step- 1- Restoring whatsapp backup from goggle drive to the android phone

First backup is needed from goggle drive, so you have to reinstall whatsapp to your android phone. Now launchWhatsappon your android phone and tap at on the upper corner of right side which has three- dot option. Tap on the setting option, select chats, go on chat backup option and select backup to goggle drive. Now add goggle account and tap on allow.

Step- 2- Whatsapp data transfer from android phone to iPhone

To transfer whatsapp chats from goggle drive to storage system of iPhone i.e. icloud, you need third party tools like whatsapp transfer. Connect your android and IPhone to PC. Go to main screen and choose the option of whatsapp transfer. Click on the whatsapp and then button of transfer whatsapp chats. Wait until iPhone and android phone appear as connected to your computer. Now click the start button that is on the right corner. This transfer your whatsapp chats from android to IPhone. When the process is completed then you can view the whatsapp chats in your IPhone.

Step- 3- Whatsapp data transfer from IPhone to the icloud

Open setting and click on your name and select iCloud and then switch on the icloud drive. Now, make account to your icloud and turn on the backup. Whatsapp automatically creates backups for your files on iCloud.