February 2, 2023

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The importance of technologies in the industries

High-tech growth is driving the manufacturing sector in India

Modern age is the age of technology and information. And in this age of technology it is important that the technologies are developed in such a way that there is minimal time required to do a job. This is what led to the development of many important technologies such as the time sensitive networking system, the edge computing systems, etc.  All these technologies have proven to be efficient and now these are being used in the industrial sector. These technologies along with machine learning systems have made it easier for the factories and manufacturing units to be working at high capacity. This is basically what is needed in the current times and this has become possible because of these technologies.

What is edge computing? And how it works?

The edge computing in layman’s terms is a distributed open IT architecture. It allows decentralised processing and enables mobile computing and internet of things technologies. In case of edge computing the data is processed locally on a computer or server as opposed to a remotely located data centre. Edge computer and computing system helps in optimizing the web applications and internet based device performances. It does so by minimizing the need of long distance communications between the device and server. There are three key steps towards implementing cloud computing system. At first, computer and storage resources are needed to be connected with edge cloud. Then a MQTT broker is installed. And lastly an elastic MapReduce cluster is deployed on the cloud. The last step ensures that the data is processed quickly and correctly. In summation it can be said that the edge computing system along with the cloud network and iiot technology helps in processing and relaying data faster. This in turn helps in the development faster production and processing in an industrial setup.

Setup a technologically advanced industrial setup in Thailand

In Thailand most industrial hubs have already installed these technologies including the edge computing system. If you have manufacturing or any other type of industrial setup in Thailand and you want to install these technologies then make sure you consult with a good industrial technology developer.