April 20, 2024

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The pandemic and its impact on the industries

The current pandemic situation has rendered the industries helpless. That is to say that the industrial sector is finding it hard to operate at its regular strength due to the pandemic situation. However, one of the most important aspects that have been neglected for a long time has come to the fore to help the industries. Industries are now considering the idea of installing new generation technologies in their factories. New age technologies that are supposed to bring automation to the forefront in the industrial sector is now heavily been considered. And one of the most prominent technologies that are now being considered for implementation is the industrial internet of things or iiot technology.

What is industrial internet of things? And how is it helping the industries to grow?

Internet of things is one of the technologies that you encounter everyday but never considered for a larger use. For example, all the smart gadgets that you use at your home are connected with one another via internet of things. So basically internet of things creates a cloud platform where machines can connect with one another and share their data as well. Industrial internet of things works on the same principle. The only difference being that in case of iiot the industrial machines connect with one another via the cloud platform. This in simpler term means that the cloud storage capacity is increased so that the machines can share and store information on it. Iiot technology is thus one of the most important technologies that can bring about a monumental change in the way industrial machinery connect with one another. Iiot technology is also applicable for manufacturing units and can improve the performance of your regular conveyer belt system.

Hire a good industrial consultant firm

In Thailand, the use of the iiot technology is already in motion. The industrialists in Thailand are very keen on installing these new technologies in their factory set-up to increase their production rate and quality. So if you are from Thailand and want to install iiot technology in your factory then make sure you consult with a good industrial technology developer and consultant.